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At Alena’s Art Studio we believe that every child can be creative. We offer a fun and educational atmosphere that allow each child to learn at their own pace to discover their own talent and make some new friends.  


Meet the Teacher


Alena Fishman is the founder of Alena's art studio. Having graduated from the Kiev Arts College with an advanced diploma, Alena has always been a creative soul, gaining experience in various art forms and projects. In the start of her career she worked at the Ukrainian Fashion Development Center developing the latest trends where she designed styles that were featured in fashion magazines and shows. After her move to United States she explored her talents further in designing souvenir products and constructing beautiful flower arrangements. Alena use to work as a visual decorator with the nation’s largest retailer, maintaining and creating attractive displays and setting trends for each season. She is currently working as a full time art teacher. She founded Alena’s Art Studio in 2010 to teach children different art techniques and encourage them to develop and pursue their talents. 

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